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Who Does Construction Bookkeeping in Cheyenne WY

If you have found yourself asking, “Who does construction bookkeeping in Cheyenne WY,” you have come to the right place. Rodahl & Company knows the different aspects involved in keeping the complicated books that come with a construction company. More importantly, we make sure your books are straight. Call today to get started: 970-207-0747.

Do you know who does construction bookkeeping in Cheyenne WY?

Growth in Cheyenne has been gaining steam in the last decade, and there is little doubt it will stop. Local realtors say Cheyenne’s population is expected to more than double to 135,000 by 2030. That kind of growth means a lot of construction companies are competing for bookkeeping services in Cheyenne. But just a few short miles away in Fort Collins, Colo., Rodahl & Co. is ready to take on your bookkeeping services. You also will find us with a search for “construction bookkeeping services near me.”

Construction bookkeeping requires more skill

At Rodahl & Co., we have been doing books in the construction industry for 20 years. We understand the complexities and challenges involved with construction bookkeeping. We have worked with a wide variety of construction-related professionals, including HVAC services, masons, excavators, electricians, and small general contractors. We understand books are managed by project, and often include subcontractor contracts, materials management and inventory, and hourly employee wages. With our time in the industry, we understand your day-to-day business, the need for accuracy, as well as the reporting requirements to ensure a successful audit. We can successfully take the reins of your construction company’s bookkeeping from day one.

Rodahl & Co. can help you set up your business, do payroll, bookkeeping and taxes

Our team has been together a long time, and we keep up with the tax implications of everything a small business does to help our clients operate. We have the professionals to handle any financial situation for a small construction business, as well as business analysis and prep work to get a small business started with the right foundation. We also prepare and file taxes for our clients, and handle payroll, bookkeeping and business foundation services, such as entity type analysis and accounting system set-up.

Our clients stick with us for years as a result. Patrick Dawson, here, is just one:

“I've worked with Dean and his team for almost 20 years. He has always helped me work through evolving tax scenarios, and secured the best possible refund year after year. He and his staff are caring and personable -- I highly recommend!”

Rodahl & Company serves the entire Fort Collins, northern Colorado and Cheyenne area. Dean Rodahl started this company in 2000, and has built a small but mighty team of professionals to handle accounting and bookkeeping, taxes and more for small businesses and individual clients. Learn more about our services.