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Startup Accounting Fort Collins

Every new business has unique challenges. From marketing your new service or product to hiring reliable staff, there can be many difficulties. Don’t let finances be one of them. If you need startup accounting in Fort Collins, turn to Rodahl & Company. We offer a variety of valuable services for startup businesses.

Startup Accounting Services in Fort Collins

When you’re starting a new business, you’ll want to begin with a solid financial foundation. Having a financial expert by your side for startup accounting in Fort Collins can make the difference between success and failure. At Rodahl & Company, we understand the challenges small startups face. That’s why we offer business foundation services.

Starting a business on the right foot is about more than just hiring an accountant or bookkeeper. You’ve spent so much time planning out every aspect of your business’s operation — why should the financial side be any different? Our experts at Rodahl & Company will guide you through all the important financial decisions you need to make. These include entity selection, business structure, tax planning, retirement planning, and accounting systems. Our business foundation services also include business owner education. If this is your first business, we’ll walk you through the important steps of keeping separate personal and business accounts, budgeting, paying yourself, and more.

Tax Planning for Startup Businesses

Many startup businesses operate at a deficit or use a loan in the first few months. With the right financial planning, this isn’t a problem. Once you’re well established, your business can be profitable within a few months. However, it’s essential that your business have a solid tax plan from the beginning. Even if you aren’t taking a paycheck, the IRS needs to be paid. An on-staff bookkeeper is a great resource to keep track of transactions, but when it comes to taxes, you’ll need a CPA.

At Rodahl & Company, our CPAs are well-versed in the complex tax code. We’ll be sure that your startup is paying the correct taxes from the beginning. Solid tax planning is an essential part of your business foundation. It ensures that your business follows every regulation from the beginning. Without tax planning, you can end up paying extra fines on top of taxes you hadn’t planned for at a later date. Take the guesswork out of your taxes by hiring one of our CPAs.

Starting a business can be stressful, but you don’t have to go through it alone. When you need startup accounting Fort Collins, contact Rodahl & Company. Our experienced staff has helped many startups successfully navigate their finances. Give us a call today to learn more.