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CPA Cheyenne, WY

Have you decided to make the switch? If your tax preparation and filing have not been to your liking, do a Google Search for ‘CPA Cheyenne WY’ to find Rodahl and Company. It’s an easy way to find tax preparation Cheyenne WY clients can count on and represent you and your small business year-round instead of once a year. Call today: 970-207-0747.

Find the CPA Cheyenne WY tax agent that works for you

It can be hard to find an agency that will advise you on your tax situation all year long. We especially know the difficulties business owners or individuals face when they’re hit with hefty tax bills from seemingly out of nowhere. The time for tax planning and filing returns is long overdue. But not all agents in your area will provide year-round tax planning, and consultation with personal, one-on-one service. At Rodahl and Company, our tax experts are here to help you minimize your tax liabilities while remaining in compliance with IRS laws.
The days of a once-a-year touch-base with your tax filer have come to an end, especially with the constantly changing tax laws. Another agent who will just fill in the blanks on a computer screen and then forget about you after they cash your check is no longer who you need. An agent who truly understands tax laws, and the ways to reduce your liabilities and maximize your financial growth is the only way to go. You want an agent who knows the ins and outs of the system and someone with a thorough knowledge of your business situation. Rodahl and Company’s CPAs stay in touch because they are comprehensive tax planners who develop a customized, strategic tax plan tailored for you or your business.

Our satisfied tax customers know we are there for them

Our year-round consistent tax planning service is hard to beat. That is why we often get five-star reviews for the service we provide our customers from throughout northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Here’s one very satisfied customer:
“We've been working with Dean and his team (shoutouts to Tony & Julie) for the past 7 years. Anytime I have a question, they're there with an answer, and if I'm not understanding, they break down the jargon into something I can understand. No question feels stupid and every question or concern is always addressed with concern & compassion.
We use them for our business taxes, payroll services, and our personal taxes -- their advice is incredible & quick. During the pandemic they went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us get the documentation we needed for all the grants & loans we were eligible for including working long hours often on the weekends.
The rule in business is to have a good accountant that you can trust - and I've found my team. Can I give 10 stars?”

Rodahl CPA and Co. is conveniently located in northern Colorado, where we take care of the financial well-being of individual clients, and a variety of industries from farming and ranching to restaurants and retail to nonprofits. We are here for not only your tax planning but business bookkeeping, business consulting, accounting and full-service payroll. Find all of our services here.