The office will be closed on July 4th and Fridays through Labor Day

Rodahl & Company Coronavirus Update

The following communication was sent to our clients:

To our clients and friends:

It has been a wild ride these last few days with the COVID-19 virus. With health and government officials warning of this epidemic potentially getting worse before it gets better, I would like to pass along some information on how we are handling the situation with some new office policies and procedures for the immediate future, per CDC guidelines.

Appointments – In office appointments will be curtailed. Most of our business is already handled via the phone, email or WebEx already. We will use these mediums in lieu of face-to-face meetings.

Tax Returns – We will be expanding our use of our client portal. We have always sent you an electronic copy of your returns. We will be adding signature forms and other items, as necessary, to this packet.

We will send a hard copy of the return to you also via the postal service, but it will no longer include a copy of the forms needed to be signed, etc.

If you find it necessary to come to our office, please stay in the front desk area and use the hand sanitizer furnished at the front desk. We will be wiping down touched surfaces frequently throughout the day and would like to keep the area contained.

Although you may personally believe all of this is overblown, we do think that the risk reduction and peace of mind for both you and our staff is worth the effort. Hopefully this epidemic will all be over soon, and we can go back to how our daily lives were just a month ago.

Thank you!