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Construction Accountants Near Me

If you’ve been in the construction business for any length, you know that having accurate financial data and timely reporting can go a long way to ensure the business's success. In this increasingly challenging industry, rising costs and increased competition can wreak havoc on your financials if you are not careful. Luckily working with an accounting firm like Rodahl & Company can help navigate these challenges a lot easier. If you’ve found yourself searching for construction accountants near me, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve worked with various construction professionals, such as HVAC contractors, masons, excavators, electricians, and small general contractors, to give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Keep reading to discover all the areas we can help you with for your construction business.

Construction accountants near me: services to help manage your finances

Bookkeeping services

Running a construction business is hard work and even more complicated when you have to manage your books and your day-to-day operations besides. Our seasoned accounting professionals have years of experience providing industry-specific bookkeeping services, including transaction classifications, expense tracking, bill payment, invoices, tax planning, tax preparation, and reporting. Let us use our expertise to take care of these aspects of your business so that you can spend less time processing bookkeeping and more time advancing your business.

Tax planning and preparation services

With tax season always looming, many construction businesses dread the amount of work and paperwork required during filing time. The good news is that tax season doesn’t need to be stressful when you search for and find “construction accountants near me” to take care of the filing process for you. Rodahl & Company offers a seamless digital experience to make filing electronically a breeze for your business. With year-round support to help you make smarter decisions, not just during tax season, you can help grow your business even further and faster.

Audit protection services

Facing an audit from the IRS can be a daunting experience for a construction business owner, especially when doing it alone. When you hire an accounting firm that specializes in working with the IRS, somehow, audits lose their sting. Since our expert team is fully equipped to handle audits, you can trust that your tax advisor has your back so that you can get back to running your business.

Our clients tell the story

Check out this 5-star review from our recent client, Anastacia Reed.

“We've been working with Dean & his team (shout outs to Tony & Julie) for the past seven years. Anytime I have a question, they're there with an answer, and if I'm not understanding, they break down the jargon into something I can understand. No question feels stupid & every question or concern is always addressed with concern & compassion.

We use them for our business taxes, payroll services, and personal taxes -- their advice is incredible & quick. During the pandemic, they went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us get the documentation we needed for all the grants & loans we were eligible for, including working long hours often on the weekends. The rule in business is to have a good accountant that you can trust - and I've found my team. Can I give 10 stars?”

Are you ready to end your search for “construction accountants near me”? We hope you’ll consider working with Rodahl & Company for all your accounting needs.

Our Rodahl & Company Certified Public Accountants Fort Collins office is conveniently located on Timberline just north of Horsetooth Road. We have spent the last 22 years providing bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation to clients throughout Northern Colorado. Call us to schedule your appointment: 970-207-0747.

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