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Bookkeeping and Accounting

Are you a business owner trying to keep up with the struggles of accounting? Does bookkeeping take your attention away from your passion? If you want to find the freedom to work on what matters to you, you need a team you can trust. Finding a reliable accountant makes a major difference when running a business. Rodahl & Company, CPA, is the company you can rely on for your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs. Founded in the year 2000, our firm provides individuals and small businesses in Fort Collins, Greeley and surrounding areas with financial advice. Our expert team has the experience to assist with a varied assortment of finance needs. Call us today to chat with our team.


Finding a bookkeeping firm you can trust is important. The financial aspect of running a business is complex. Hiring an inexperienced bookkeeper may lead to unnecessary complications or errors. With decades of experience, Rodahl & Company, CPA understands what matters in bookkeeping. Our BOSS™ service is an all-inclusive back office support solution. This service allows you to focus on your business while we handle the day-to-day accounting. We offer three levels of BOSS™ business services, so you can choose the services you need. If you’re just looking for general ledger assistance, we’re able to help. If you need a comprehensive bookkeeping service including payroll and accounts payable, we offer that as well.

Accounting Services

Choosing an accountant can be a complicated task. You need a firm that knows their stuff. Rodahl & Company, CPA knows the importance of personalized assistance. Our accounting services take your needs into consideration. From delivering financial statements to compiling data, our team takes over the accounting so you can focus on other tasks. We also spend time reviewing the data with you, so you’re informed about your business. Our financial analysis gives you insight into a variety of factors driving your business. We strive to provide excellent service to our clients. Many of our clients have worked with us for over a decade because we focus on building good relationships with every customer who contacts us.

Best Bookkeeping and Accounting

At Rodahl & Company, CPA, we work hard to provide the best possible service. Our team has knowledge in a variety of financial areas, so we can provide relevant advice. We offer personal attention while working with you to build a financial plan. Once we’ve put a plan together, we help you execute it well. Bookkeeping and Accounting are vital parts of running a business. These areas take up time that keeps business owners from doing what they enjoy. Hiring us lets you have peace of mind about your finances. Don’t keep toiling over your bookkeeping. Give us a call today to get started.