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Accountants Fort Collins

Every business needs a reliable, experienced accountant to be successful. From keeping track of cash flow to preparing taxes, an accountant is a vital member of your business’s team. When searching for "Accountants Fort Collins" in Northern Colorado, you won’t find a better accounting partner than Fort Collins Rodahl & Company, CPA. Our dedicated team of accountants in Fort Collins has decades of experience in different industries. Learn more about our expertise below. Call today: 970-207-0747.

Working for someone else is something most do, but for you, it’s always been about calling your own shots. For many people, that plunge takes years. When the time is right, creating your own small business gives you that sense of independence and personal control you’ve longed for throughout your career. But when you start a new business, there are rules. There are regulations. There are stipulations. You just wanted to offer your service or product and feel the enjoyment of others appreciating you for what you provide. But the other side to owning a small business is where we come in. At Rodahl & Co., we are skilled in setting up small businesses and helping them succeed well into the future. We can walk you through government regulations, taxes, city registrations, and sales taxes, and even set up retirement plans for your employees or yourself. Get the experienced accountant Fort Collins businesses have used for decades.

Experienced Fort Collins Accountants

When you’re searching “accountant Fort Collins,” you’ll likely find several results. How do you narrow those down to the best fit for your business? Your accountant should have several years of experience. But have you considered their experience with your industry? Every business sector comes with its own challenges. You want a CPA who is a finance expert who also knows your industry.

At Rodahl & Company, we’re proud to serve our many local clients in a variety of industries. From construction to medical, retail to nonprofit, our team has experience in many areas. We understand the unique financial challenges facing many local businesses.

Nonprofit entities, for example, have unique accounting needs. Not-for-profits need to file for tax-exempt status, and they still must file annual returns. If you’re looking for nonprofit accountants Fort Collins, you need a team that understands the intricacies of not-for-profit accounting firsthand. Rodahl & Company is proud to work with local nonprofit entities. Our goal is to enable our not-for-profit clients to accomplish their mission. We do this by providing accurate and accessible bookkeeping, fund accounting, and more.

We are the accountants Fort Collins farmers and ranchers seek

We are also especially committed to the farming and ranching communities in Northern Colorado. We understand the longstanding tradition of farming and ranching in this community. That is what this entire area was founded on back in the 1800s, when settlers moved west to find their pots of gold.

While your parents showed you the ropes of the agricultural lifestyle and culture, today’s business climate is much more complex. Today’s farmers and ranchers can participate in many government programs designed to help the family farm or to become a first-time farmer. We know the tax benefits you can avail yourself of with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and we know FSA requirements.

Growing food comes with many financial and government issues involving food safety, managing inputs, and labor that make many of the overhead issues much more complex. We can help you with depreciation and determining your qualified business income as well. Crop insurance is something to consider when growing commodities, and we can advise you accordingly.

Starting a restaurant? That is one of our specialties.

Like many of us, creating a small business from our craft is a dream. As a chef or a longtime server in the restaurant industry, you have planned for the day to open your own place, operate your special concept, and serve the type of food you create. However, all the experience and research in the world may not totally prepare you for all the accounting and financial planning intricacies of owning a restaurant. There’s overhead, there’s labor costs, food supply management, and municipal and retail sales tax audits. Our team of accountants takes the time to educate themselves about the ever-evolving trends in the industry, and we will steer you in the right direction to make your bistro, diner, or fusion concept shine!

We are not just your accountants — we are your advocates. We take the time to keep up with changing tax laws and the continually changing small business start-up requirements or benefits. We offer a resource library with helpful articles that will answer many questions — or just offer tips to maintain a great lifestyle. Need to access forms for employees, or tax guides, or even access government programs such as the IRs or Social Security? Bookmark our Forms and Documents page for easy downloads.

Don’t forget — we can set you up for a golden retirement

We love helping our clients create a pathway to a golden retirement, too. It is never too late to start thinking about the days when you can comfortably retire, even if you’re on a second career of starting your own business. New small business owners often forget they need to take care of their futures as well as their present. We can help you find the right path toward that retirement countdown. Owning your small business will give you that sense of control and fulfillment for living your dream on your terms. But you need to make room for the eventual time you pass the torch or hang up your spurs. We’ll get you there.

Local and Friendly Accountants

As a local small business, Rodahl & Company understands the needs of our fellow small businesses. Our accountants in Fort Collins provide bookkeeping, full payroll, and tax preparation for small businesses. We also provide business foundation services and consulting. Our team of experts will help you set up the financial aspects of your business. Should your business be a sole proprietorship or LLC? How do you set up business bank accounts? How do you plan for retirement? Our business foundation services cover those questions and so many more.

Whether you’re just beginning your business or you’ve been in business for years, trust the local and friendly Fort Collins accountants at Rodahl & Company. Our CPAs provide a variety of services for many different types of businesses. Whether you’re a restaurant in need of payroll preparation or a not-for-profit startup looking for guidance, we can help. Give us a call today to learn more.

Our Rodahl & Company Certified Public Accountants Fort Collins office is conveniently located on Timberline just north of Horsetooth Road. We have spent the last 22 years providing bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation to clients throughout Northern Colorado. Call us to schedule your appointment: 970-207-0747.

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